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JOEY Wipes Complete Bath System*

JOEY Wipes Complete Bath System makes bathing adults with restricted mobility convenient and efficient. The system consists of a microwaveable, resealable package containing eight disposable washcloths that are pre-moistened with a rinse-free cleansing and moisturizing solution. The rinse-free skin cleansing solution in combination with the specially designed fabric of the washcloths thoroughly cleans and moisturizes the skin yet is safe for use on almost anyone.

The solution is pH balanced to the skin's pH. It contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that are both proven skin conditioners, and has an extremely light fragrance that won't build up on the skin. (Fragrance free products are also available) The fabric releases the solution onto the skin and then reabsorbs the solution lifting away skin impurities. The fabric is gentler on skin than traditional terry cloth for a comforting bath. One package is one complete bath. For a warm bath the package may be warmed in a microwave for less than one minute. It is not necessary to warm the package to use the Joey Wipes Complete Bath System.

* The Joey Wipes Complete Bath System is not recommended for use on premature infants.

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