Contract Manufacturing Products


Contact Manufacturing Products

Guy & O’Neill holds the original patent for bathing wipes, and our expertise has only grown since then.

G&O has the capability of producing every type of wet wipe format offered in the marketplace. Our innovations in wet wipes manufacturing extends from in-house blending and compounding to production and cosmetic packaging options.


  • Canisters, including antibacterial wipes, disinfecting wipes and homecare wet wipes — from 15 towels per roll to 3,200 towels per roll and higher
  • Flat pack, including antibacterial wipes, glass wipes, floor wipes and more — traditional flat pack products as well as flammable materials and other hard-to-hold solutions
  • Cross-folded, including personal care products, adult wipes, feminine wipes, hemorrhoid wipes, facial wipes, makeup remover wipes
  • Liquid-fill*, including any liquid manufacturing of products from 2 oz. to 128 oz., up to approx. 10,000 cps; and liquid packaging with finger pumps, triggers, traditional screw-on and snap-on closures

Whatever the type, whatever the packaging, G&O can make your wet wipes!

Contact us today via the website or 262-692-2469.