Guy and O’Neill is one of the leading wet wipes and liquid fill manufacturers serving major global and North American brand owners. G&O has become a premier choice for manufacturing due to our high service levels and commitment to customer success.


Committed to Customer Satisfaction 

A lot has changed since Guy & O’Neill opened its doors in 1975. What started as an over-the-counter pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company has since expanded its focus to meet more customer needs, strengthened by our core values of innovation and continuous improvement, and an emphasis on building long-term strategic partnerships.

Our commitment to partnership, innovation, expertise, quality and state-of-the-art manufacturing positively impacts the lives of our families, our customers, and consumers worldwide. G&O holds the original patent for bathing wipes, a growing product offering found in many households, hospitals, and care facilities. We pursue additional patents and technologies that will benefit our clients. Since we’ve been perfecting our process for 40 years, working with us will reduce your manufacturing costs and risks for a faster, more affordable end product for you and your consumers.

By understanding the consumer and always putting their needs first, G&O continues to grow in technology and product capabilities. Our manufacturing team efficiently turns these product offerings into finished goods on-time, in full for our customers enabling a predictable supply chain for your end customers.

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