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Guy & O’Neill Inc. Donates Wet Wipes for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Posted by Guy & O'Neill, Inc. on Sep 5, 2017 10:05:00 AM
Guy & O'Neill, Inc.
G&O_logo_primary_RGB-SQUAREFredonia, WI – Guy & O’Neill Inc., a manufacturer of household cleaning supplies and personal care products, is donating disinfecting wipes, bath wipes and other personal hygiene products to aid Hurricane Harvey Relief and Recovery. 

“Guy & O’Neill is a company that cares, and not just with our own employees and customers, but also nationally. And the people in Houston need help”, said Tom Misgen, President of Guy & O’Neill. Items like cleaning wipes, bath wipes and personal hygiene products are not often the most popular to donate, but they are much needed. “An item like a bath wipe can give people a little bit of normalcy back in their lives. I imagine there are people who have not had the luxury of a shower in a week or so and these products give them the opportunity to hit the reset button”, Misgen said. 

The company is trying to provide a sense of home and comfort from their community in Fredonia, Wisconsin to the families and communities in Houston, Texas. The commercial retail value of the products being sent down there is roughly $200,000. The semi-truck of product ships out on Tuesday, September 5th and it will take about 2 days before it will get down to Texas, before it can be unloaded and given to people in need.

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