Private Label Adult Care Products


To meet the needs of the aging Baby Boomer population as well as individuals with disabilities, G&O offers a full line of adult care incontinence products and bathing products. Benefits include no-water-needed / rinse-free technology and products that clean, treat and protect the skin, while eliminating odors — a one-stop shop for retailers.

Our suite of adult care products provides a one-stop shop for retailers. Products include:

  • Adult incontinence
  • Perineal spray
  • Perineal wipes
  • Bathing mitts
  • Bathing wipes / body wipes
  • Rinse-free shampoo and body wash
  • Bathing and clean-up kits

Did you know that G&O has its own brand of adult care hygiene products? Learn about Ally.

Ally Products

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